Alter panel in Gnome Classis

In the previous version of Gnome, in the time before Unity, you could alter the icons on the gnome panel by clicking [Alt]+[Right mouse button].
In Ubuntu 12.4 LTS with Gnome Classic Desktop environment this doesn't work anymore.

Now press [alt]+[super(windows button)]+[Right mouse button].

Disable Ubuntu’s Annoying Global Menu Bar

Ubuntu's new Unity interface has some cool features, but if it's global menu bar just gets on your nerves, here's how to turn it off.

Colors are mangled in Natty

After a fresh install of Firefox and THunderbird on Ubuntu Natty the colors of indexed images and icons are mangled.

Jena said on this page

Re: (some) colors shifted after Natty upgrade
Also, I checked on another computer - the screenshots I posted above are accurate. Those are really the colors it shows.