Colors are mangled in Natty

After a fresh install of Firefox and THunderbird on Ubuntu Natty the colors of indexed images and icons are mangled.

Jena said on this page

Re: (some) colors shifted after Natty upgrade
Also, I checked on another computer - the screenshots I posted above are accurate. Those are really the colors it shows.

It's funny that only some pictures are skewed - when I open the "New York City" article on Wikipedia, most pictures are ok, but the topmost picture on the right is green-purple, as are the pictures of Times Square, Pizza, Marathon, Stock Exchange and Washington Bridge. They are all jpg and I have no idea what the bad ones have in common. It's probably the way each picture defines color? Anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: YES! Using GIMP, I found out that it is only INDEXED pictures, and only in Firefox and Thunderbird. Any ideas what could cause this?

I found the solution for Firefox on this page:

And figured out the solution for Thunderbird myself.

Tools → Options → Advanced → General → Config Editor
changing gfx.color_management.mode=3

This is almost the same as in FireFox

Try and install debian

Try and install debian squeeze on a machine next time.
It's great now as a desktop environment as well nowadays ;-)

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