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Here you find some of my webdesign project.
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Most sites are build in Drupal, Joomla or OS-Commerce.
Don't hesitate to contact me is you want more information about building a website.

Cerestial Invest


Cerestialinvest is een bedrijf dat investeert en belegd in landbouwgrond in Oost-Europa. Kleine percelen landbouwgrond worden opgekocht om tot één grote akker te worden gevormd waarna de grond wordt verpacht aan Nederlandse boeren.

Landbouwgrond in Roemenië is goedkoop, echter het zijn veelal bijzonder kleine percelen in bezit van mensen die veelal niet eens weten dat ze het in bezit hebben.

Legal Account Office

Legal Account Office

Legal Account is een juristenkantoor met zaken door het hele land. Om altijd over de meest up-to-date documenten te kunnen beschikken tijdens zittingen en klantbezoek ontstond de wens om overal in Nederland (ter wereld) via een iPad of andere tablet contact te kunnen maken het hun elektronisch archief.




Management Personen Vervoer (MPV) is a national consultancy company specialized in the taxi and other personal transportation marked.

The Challenge
Build a informative website with a high quality design that reflects our professional business.

These items must be highlighted

  • Procurement projects
  • Advice
  • Mediation

Legal Justitia


A website for a company that collects money from people that didn't pay there bill.

The client wishes a website with a hight end classic business design a the possibility to update the content by there selfs.

The website has the following functions:

  • Selt updating and changing content by Drupal CMS.
  • Category for News-items.

Nieuw Elan

Screenshot Nieuw Elan

This is a website for a local political party "Niew Elan" in Alphen a/d Rijn in the Netherlands. The site has the following functions.

  • Automatic changing header image.
  • Multiply categories for: News, People, Blogs, Photos, Pages and in the Media.
  • Dynamic presentation of new items on homepage,
  • RSS news-feeds
  • Search index on complete website.



Glori.nl is a website that drives a bannerserver. Advertisers an Publishers can use this site to get connected to each other.

Advertisers can upload there campaigns. There is no limited in formats and numbers of the banners. Also flash banners belong to the possibilities.

Publishers can use these banner to publish on there websites to earn money



This website for Débin.nl is created in a modern design for. Débin.nl is a company that collects money for other companies.

The primary wishes of Débin.nl was a modern an chique design with a high class looks and feels. The site is pure informative an technically seen simple. Just a contact form and a PDF order form to download.




The website VeertigplusVitaal.nl Lifestyle Magazine (Forty Plus Vital) is primary meant to release information about health for people above the age of forty.

The website has this features:


Screenshot WinFit.nl

A website for promotion and sales of wellness products and supplements.

The products will be shown in a specific order and the "order button" is deep-linked to a sales website to order the products.

The website has a community function and send newsletter on command.


Yotta Europe


A website for a wholesale company in Belgium.
Website build on the Joomla platform.