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The Internet Jigsaw

Internet and internet systems are like one big jigsaw. Every piece has to be on the right place. If just one piece isn't right than you won't get the result you hoped for.

E-commerce specialist

I am a E-commerce specialist and can help you with many questions about this fantastic way of selling you products or services. In the late '90 I started a web shop for selling white-goods over the Internet on the Dutch marked. I was the first one who did that and there was no software like Drupal of OS-Commerce. I had to invent it all by myself. It was a great time!.
The shop was very successful and some day a big company made me an offer that I couldn't refuse. So I sold my e-commerce business.

Now I use my knowledge to advice and help other e-commerce companies to get better, grow and make more profit. My strength is the combination between technique and commerce.

Linux specialist

I am a Linux specialist and work with Linux since 1997. I am using mainly Debian based distributions like Debian and Ubuntu.
Please let me help you to find the pieces you need and how to stuck them together.Visit my Linux Tips & Trick page to see some helpful solutions.

Scheveningen Luxemburg Scheveningen

Classic SLS Rally

Since 1995 I drive with the technical service and repair group in the Classic SLS Rally. this Rally is for old car dated before 1975 and they drive from Scheveningen, a famous city on the west coast from The Netherlands, to downtown Luxembourg city and back again.

The rally includes 2 nightly stays in Belgium.

SLS Rally Medaille

Portfolio overview

A overview with some of my website projects. I prefer building websites in Drupal, Joomla and OS-Commerce.



Glori.nl is a website that drives a bannerserver. Advertisers an Publishers can use this site to get connected to each other.

Advertisers can upload there campaigns. There is no limited in formats and numbers of the banners. Also flash banners belong to the possibilities.

Publishers can use these banner to publish on there websites to earn money



This website for Débin.nl is created in a modern design for. Débin.nl is a company that collects money for other companies.

The primary wishes of Débin.nl was a modern an chique design with a high class looks and feels. The site is pure informative an technically seen simple. Just a contact form and a PDF order form to download.




The website VeertigplusVitaal.nl Lifestyle Magazine (Forty Plus Vital) is primary meant to release information about health for people above the age of forty.

The website has this features:


Screenshot WinFit.nl

A website for promotion and sales of wellness products and supplements.

The products will be shown in a specific order and the "order button" is deep-linked to a sales website to order the products.

The website has a community function and send newsletter on command.


Yotta Europe


A website for a wholesale company in Belgium.
Website build on the Joomla platform.

Latest Tips & Tricks

My latests solutions for Linux software problems.
(English Only)

Find a file created on a specific date

Sometimes you're looking for a file on a Linux file system that was created on a specific date without knowing the name or place of the file. This can be very useful if you suspect configuration change by update or a hack.

Best way to accomplish this is using the find command like this:

This commands find all files created or modified om 2014-10-15

Bash script to resize images recursively and place them i a new directory

Running out off disk space on you mobile device like Tabled, Phone of laptop and because of the big file size of your photo files? But you do not want to delete your photos? Resize them to small files.

Rename corrupt file like FILE0000.CHK and FILE0001.CHK to the right extention

Last week a friend of me what in a huge stress because he couldn't read the music and photos anymore from his USB-stick / pen-drive.

First make a copy of all file to you localmachine (you never know). Than place this script in the same directory as the file. chmod and run.
That's all!

Dynamic Copyright message in Drupal footer

If you want a dynamic footer in Drupal footer you can use thsi script.

The first year the messages sais:
Copyright© 2014PBC-techniek

All following years like:
Copyright© 2014-2015 PBC-techniek

The years are automaticly added

$NOW = date('Y');
if ( $NOW == $FROM ) {
} else {

Drupal D7 Ellfinder elfinder-7.x-2.x-dev error "Invalid backend response.Data is empty"

I have a very strange situation with Elfinder. I developed a Drupal D7 website on a development (Ubunt 12.04) server. Everything, including CKEditor and Elfinder works perfect. I migrated the website (file system and mysql database) to a Zpanel Linux Ubuntu 12.4 server and I didn't get elfinder working any more.


Fotografie is al sinds mijn jeugd een hobby. In de jaren '70 fotografeerde ik met een 2-hands grootbeeld spiegelreflex camera. Echt een oudje en ondanks zijn leeftijd een prima camera. Dat was in die tijd normaal dat je naast je camera ook een aparte, losse belichtingsmeter bij je had. Immers met de camera kon je niets ander dan scherpstellen, de sluitertijd en het diafragma instellen.