Bash script to resize images recursively and place them i a new directory

Running out off disk space on you mobile device like Tabled, Phone of laptop and because of the big file size of your photo files? But you do not want to delete your photos? Resize them to small files.

Rename corrupt file like FILE0000.CHK and FILE0001.CHK to the right extention

Last week a friend of me what in a huge stress because he couldn't read the music and photos anymore from his USB-stick / pen-drive.

First make a copy of all file to you localmachine (you never know). Than place this script in the same directory as the file. chmod and run.
That's all!

iMac brightness setting script

I wrote a simple script to adjust the brightness om my iMac 27" running Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric. The script is using the gsd-backlight-helper that also available in Ubuntu precis 12.10 so I suppose this also works in 12.10. (let me know)

My solution is to add two brightness icons on the gnome-panel. One for brightness-up and one for brightness-down. (see screenshot)

Howto: Sync Bash History Between Terminals

Howto: Sync Bash History Between Terminals
Do you want to be able to use the history from another terminal quickly and simply in a new terminal, or to be able to use any one of the terminals on your desktops to continue working with a current history?

Me too :]

This is a very easy tweak and makes a lot of sense to most people. So we need to edit the file ~/.bashrc