Bad scroll funtionality in Firefox 15+

In Firefox version 15 the function SlowScroll was introduced. Depending on your hardware an OS it's possible that vertical scrolling is stepwise and choppy. If you recognize this issue you can simple make scrolling much better by adjusting mousewheel.min_line_scroll_amount in aubout.config.

Type aubout.config in the addresses bar of your browser.

Ubuntu 11.10 flash update failure

In the end of February 2013, after an update suddenly Firebird couldn't play flash anymore. The browser mentioned to install the latest Adobe flash Player so I was redirected to the Adobe download page where I could download the Adobe Flash Player 11.2 for my Ubuntu 11.10 distro.

Colors are mangled in Natty

After a fresh install of Firefox and THunderbird on Ubuntu Natty the colors of indexed images and icons are mangled.

Jena said on this page

Re: (some) colors shifted after Natty upgrade
Also, I checked on another computer - the screenshots I posted above are accurate. Those are really the colors it shows.