Compress PDF files

Compressing PDF file can be don on many different ways. This is how I got the best result. By compressing a 14.4MB file with big HiRes pictures to a 2.7MB file for screen use.

In Ubuntu (Linux) open the PDF in a PDF viewer

Print the PDF to a file with the file -> print -> ps, name the file ( this makes a large postscript file)

How-To create company logo on ZPanel and Roundcude log-in page


You're hosting a with server ZPanel for multiple customer and you want a for every customer a company logo on the ZPanel and Roundcube log-in page.

Here is How-To do that

Step 1

Create a company logo

How I remove viruses from Windows computers


Although it's not my biggest hobby sometimes I have to remove viruses from Windows computers.

Grep emailaddress from IMAP dir with UNDELIVERABLE messages


You send newsletter and get a hole buns of UNDELIVERABLE email back in your INbox. You find this irritating and want to cleanup your newsletter database.

To do so you probably need a list with all email addresses you want to un-subscribe.


  • First create a new IMAP directory.

Vtiger Pop-Up in Thunderbird "Session timed-out, successfully logged in again" every 25 minutes


Using Thunderbird 3.1.9 and Vtiger vtigercrm-5.2.0.

How To Get rid of the redirect in search result Google to Gomeo website

One of my client notified that when she clicked on the Google search results she was re-directed to a other website than mentioned in the results. Al redirects went to the website

I noticed that not all click on the links where re-directed to Gomeo. Two out of three click where redirected to Gomeo while the other click landed on the correct page.

Download a Youtube video and rip the audio


Suppose you want the audio track from a YouTube video.
This is how you do that.

Linux command to download a flv YouTube video


Now rip the audio from the flv file

mplayer -dumpaudio file.flv -dumpfile file.mp3

Damn...I like Linux :)

How-To Change SMTP port Exim


Last week I would change the SMTP port from my Exim4 email server in Amsterdam.


I am using my laptop on many network over many providers. Also the network from in The Netherlands that blocked all SMTP (port 25) traffic outside here one network.

How-To Drupal and Gallery2 embedded


I spend hours to embed my Gallery2 correct in Drupal.

I want to use my Gallery2 embedded in Drupal(6) and I want to use my Gallery2 also . To get this don I needed to wire the .htaccess files manually.

IMPORTANT: Do not use the dir gallery for your stand alone Gallery2 installation. This conflicts with Drupal gallery.module.

Gallery2 Stand Alone

How To Split PDF forms


If you want to split your PDF forms you can use the pdf-toolkit with the burst command. The output are pdf-files for each page one.

pdftk INPUT_FILE.pdf burst

The result are multiply PDF files for each page one file.