Drupal error: handlers.inc on line 80

After I played around with Taxonomy term menu I got the error:
warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/drupal/modules/contrib/views/includes/handlers.inc on line 807. followed by a other error line:
includes\common.inc on line 1607

I read more than 4 hours all Drupal related issues unfortunately none of the solutions worked for me. I checked all taxonomy and term tables on some strange things. I found some strange records in table nemu_links where the field menu_name was empty on two records and in also in table taxonomy_menu I found two records where the field tid was empty or zerro. In spite of correcting these the errors where still there.

My Solution
What I finally did was uninstall Taxonomy Menu module by unchecking on the module page:
- Taxonomy Menu
- Taxonomy Menu Custom Path
- Taxonomy Menu Hierarchy

Than uninstall the module on the uninstall tab (/admin/build/modules/uninstall) and the install it again.

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