Vtiger Pop-Up in Thunderbird "Session timed-out, successfully logged in again" every 25 minutes

Using Thunderbird 3.1.9 and Vtiger vtigercrm-5.2.0.

Every 25 minutes there comes a Pop-Up message from Thunderbird generated by the Vtiger Add-on that says "Session timed-out, successfully logged in again". Users are getting irritated by this message. It's useless and you have to click to OK button to get rid of it. And, last but not least, the Pop-Ups are stacked together. So if your not clicked away the first notice than have to click away to notification 25 minutes later.

It not possible to use Thunderbird without clicking away the message.

I solved this issue by increasing the session time in the configfile from the Thunderbird plugin.

The config file named prefs.js and is located on C:\Documents and Settings\[USER]\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\9qtvmkv0.default\extensions\{[SOME LONG RANDOM NUMBER]}\defaults\preferences\prefs.js

I changed the following line:

pref("vtiger.Settings.Conf.sessionTime", 1500000); // 25min in milliseconds

pref("vtiger.Settings.Conf.sessionTime", 14400000); // default value 1500000 = 25min in milliseconds|changed to 4 hours

This will set the session time to 4 hours so you only have to click the message ones or twice a day.

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