How To Adjust Date and/or Time setting in EXIF date from JPG pictures

Sometimes it happend: The clock from your digital camera isn't on the right time. So all your pictures have the wrong date or time in EXIF data. This can be a very big problem if you use more than one camera and want to sort the pictures of a event on the date and time that the picture was taken.

Before I arrange my photos I usually rename the photos to a names that made from the date and time the picture was taken. So the filename would be something like: yyyy-mm-dd_hhmmss.jpg Where yyyy is the year, mm the month and so on. After that all pictures can simply sorted on the filename.

To adjust the timestamp in EXIF use the jhead package.

find -iname "*JPG" -exec jhead -ta-24:00 {} \;

-ta stands for Time adjust. Followed by "-" for adjust backwards and than hh:mm

This command adjust the EXIF time with 1 day (24 hours) backwards.

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