Forward Google calendar invitation to the right account

The problem
I have multiple email addresses and a Google calendar.
I sync the Google calander with my PC, laptop and iPhone. On my Linux PC and laptop I use Thunderbird to sync my calendar and on my iPhone 4 the standard Apple calendar app as pre-installed on the iPhone.

The account that I use to sync my calender is a business email address that isn't very width spread in my network. Most people send the invitation to a much more known private email address that I have for more that 12 years.

Thunderbird can handle as many calendars as you want. It's possible to sync all this calender except one, the private calendar, and that's exactly the calendar where the invitations comes in.

What I want is that any Google calendar invitation send to my private email address is forwarded to my business account.

I'am running my own Exim mailserver and edited my .forward file to create a solution for this problem.

The .forward file is places in the directory /home/USER/.forward

Add this code in the .forward file

if $return_path: contains ""

All invitation send to my private email account are now forwarded to my business account on the Google calendar server.

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