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How To Get rid of the redirect in search result Google to Gomeo website

One of my client notified that when she clicked on the Google search results she was re-directed to a other website than mentioned in the results. Al redirects went to the website

I noticed that not all click on the links where re-directed to Gomeo. Two out of three click where redirected to Gomeo while the other click landed on the correct page.

This redirect click was active in IE(7) as well in FireFox 3.6

After some analyzing i noticed that the re-direct was done with a local installed proxy server. You can check this in the connection preferences of the browser. You can take a look in these setting at:
- Extra
- Advance
- Network
- Settings
There is Manual proxyconf activated. Deactivate that by selecting "No Proxy"

- Extra
- Internet Options
- Connections
- LAN-settings
Unselect Proxyserver checkbox.

The malware program is hiding in crss.exe. BEWARE do not remove ten crss.ex in C:\Windows\system32 this is the only real crss.exe on the system.

I found a infected crss.exe copy in c:\Documents and Settings\[USER]\Local Settings\Temp. You can remove that file.

It's also possible to user Malwarebytes ( ) to clean up the machine. It highly recommanded that you run Malwarebytes in savemode (F8 at start up) and that you run hijackthis ( ) after the Malwarebytes scan to clean up your registy.

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