How-To Resize mailbox size in Zpanel on Ubuntn 12.04

Running a Zpanel on a Linux server and you want to resize the users mailboxes? This is how to do that.

The standard size of mailboxes in Zpanel is 200Mb

You can change the size of new mailboxes in:
Admin -> module admin -> Mail Config -> Max Mailbox Size
Remember that only new created mailboxes will have this size!

To change the size of existing mailbox you have to make the changes in the database zpanel_postfix.

Login in as root in MySql. The root password is in /root/passwords.txt

cat /root/passwords.txt

Login in MySql:


In the MySql client

use zpanel_postfix;
update  mailbox set quota = 600 where username like "USER@DOMEIN.COM"

That's all

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