Scheveningen Luxemburg Scheveningen

Classic SLS Rally

Since 1995 I drive with the technical service and repair group in the Classic SLS Rally. this Rally is for old car dated before 1975 and they drive from Scheveningen, a famous city on the west coast from The Netherlands, to downtown Luxembourg city and back again.

The rally includes 2 nightly stays in Belgium.

The technical group is under supervision from Jan Tinga from Tinga Cars in Leimuiden. In totally we drive with 4 service cars, that's including the truck that can load up to 7 cars. Together with Paul I drive a town-car with a trailer that can load one car. I the truck can reach a car that can't be fixed anymore than we come in and bring the broken car to the truck.

Every year I am looking forward this event.

Please take a look to my gallery with photo's from every Classic SLS Rally.

Oder photos

The hi-resolution photos are marked with a copyright and SLS header text. If you are interested in a copy of one ore more pictures you can order them without these text. Just send me a email with the names of the photos you want to order. See SLS Photo's for more information.

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