PHP5 - GD for Drupal 6.x


While installing some Image modules in Drupal I get the message:

GD Image Filtering Low Quality / Poor Performance

Print alle node variables in Drupal

If you want to print all variables from a Drupal node insert this piece of code in the your template like node.tpl.php.


Print alle node variables
<?php  print_r($node);?>


Naam / 0900-nummer / Alternatief nummer

1. 12move 0900 040498 / 030 -2483500
2. 1800 nummerinformatie Vodafone / 1800
3. 1888 nummerinformatie KPN / 1888 1820
4. Abel Telecom 0900 2352235 / 0513 -68 21 09
5. ABN Amro 0900 0024 / 010 -241 1720
6. ABN-AMRO Creditcardsaldo 0900 8016 / 010 -2411720
7. Abonnementenland 0900 22 65 263 / 0251 -257924
8. ABP
9. Abvakabo FNV 0900 22 82 522 / 079 -3536161

Flash CS4 Error 1087 Syntax error: extra characters found after end of program.

Flash CS4

If you get the error: "1087 Syntax error: extra characters found after end of program" in Flash CS4 first take a look if you use Action Scrip 2 and not Action Scrip 3. Unfortunately that didn't solve the problem for me. After hours and hours Googeling I almost become insane.

How-To find process ID

To find the process ID from a running process use this command:

echo `ps aux | awk '/pst/ && \!/awk/ {print $2}'`

Replace "pst" with the process name you are looking for

Drupal Colapsible fieldset dosn't works in edit mode


I figured out that the collapsed fieldset is not clickable if I try to edit in the not default language. I have two languages active. EN and NL. Everything works fine in EN (the standard language) while in NL I can't open the collapsed fieldset because the are not clickable.

Switch to standard language.


Drupal error: on line 80


After I played around with Taxonomy term menu I got the error:
warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/drupal/modules/contrib/views/includes/ on line 807. followed by a other error line:
includes\ on line 1607

Find and Replace in VI or VIM


To find and replace a string in VI or VIM you can use this command.


Converte Desktop recording file .ogv to mpeg format


If you make a recording of your desktop using gtk-recordMyDesktop you get a screencast file in .ovg format. With memcoder you can convert that easy to a mpeg format using this command.

mencoder infile.ogv -oac lavc -ovc lavc -lavcopts abitrate=160 -o outfile.mpeg

Log your running torrents



This is a solution for torrent downloaders with btdownloadcurses and the machines has to be rebooted. The script saves all running downloads every X minutes to a file. After reboot you can easily start the torrent-downloads again.