How To Add subtitles in Mplayer


Playing a movie with "hot" added subtitles.

Use this command:

mplayer -fontconfig -subfont-text-scale 3 INPUT-FILE.avi -sub ""

How-To Find and Replace in multiply files on the command line


Find and Replace in multiply files.

including a Back-Up

perl -pe "s/mouse/chicken/g" -i.bak $FILES;

Or no Back-up

perl -pe  "s/mouse/chicken/g" -i $FILES;

# -e execute this command
# -p loop over each line and print
# -i inplace edit, make a backup file

How To Rename filenames


This is about rename (mp3) files with the command line in Linux to a nice format.

Change the first character of each word tot uppercase
Suppose your filename is something like:

04 - cymballistic - blues for sarah.mp3

and you want to change that to:

04 - Cymballistic - Blues For Sarah.mp3

Use this command.