Bash script to resize images recursively and place them i a new directory

Running out off disk space on you mobile device like Tabled, Phone of laptop and because of the big file size of your photo files? But you do not want to delete your photos? Resize them to small files.

Grep emailaddress from IMAP dir with UNDELIVERABLE messages


You send newsletter and get a hole buns of UNDELIVERABLE email back in your INbox. You find this irritating and want to cleanup your newsletter database.

To do so you probably need a list with all email addresses you want to un-subscribe.


  • First create a new IMAP directory.

Log your running torrents



This is a solution for torrent downloaders with btdownloadcurses and the machines has to be rebooted. The script saves all running downloads every X minutes to a file. After reboot you can easily start the torrent-downloads again.


Script to Wakeup machine over LAN


If you want to wakeup remote machine over a LAN and automatically start the remote desktop viewer this is a solution.

The script first send a magic package to wakeup the remote machine. After that is checking every 4 second is the remote desktop is available on the machine. This done by telnet-ting to port 5900.