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Een aantal van mijn webdesign projecten.
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De meeste projecten zijn gemaakt in Drupal en Joomla.
Twijfel niet om contact op te nemen als u vragen heeft over Drupal of het bouwen van een website.

Legal Account


A website for a Legal Office in Holland.
Build on the Joomla platform. Sending newsletters and has a restricted area for members to meet other enterpricers in the same business.




Geldverspilling is Dutch for waisting money. It's a website about money waisting project from the Dutch government.


Red White Blue Shop


The Red White Blue Shop is a webshop for selling solar panels on the USA market. The shop is build on the Drupal platform extended with Ubercart webshop module.

The customer can pay with all kind of credit cards and the USP shipping coast are calculated depending on weight and distance.


Kinderboerderij Alphen a/d Rijn


When the child farm in my village needed a new website I offered to take that job and made a brand new website for free.

The site is made in Drupal with some extra modules. Most of the functions are from the Drupal core. I made a special place for the volunteers, the press and a forum & Blog for each member.



Screenshot Internetshop

Internetshop.nl is my primary website for selling white goods to consumers using the internet. I got the idea for selling those products in 1998 and started building a static website in plain HTML. Later a dynamic website, build in Perl in combination with a Postgresql database, replaced the HTML version.



A website for a new concept where the dry cleaner pick-up the laundry by the costumer at home. After cleaning it will be delivered client.

The website is build in Joomla and extended with some special modules to accomplish the wishes of the constituent.



Screenshot Witgoedboer

I am the founder of the website "Witgoedboer.nl", Literally translated does it mean "White goods Farmer". That's a kind of Dutch slang for persons who sell washing machines, dishwashers en fridges.